Stelexis Therapeutics Closes $43 million Series A to Expand Novel Platform Focused on Cancer Interception

Stelexis Therapeutics, LLC announced that it closed a $43 million Series A financing to expand its proprietary platform to discover and selectively target pre‐cancerous stem cells. Deerfield established Stelexis in 2017 together with scientific founders, Ulrich Steidl, Evripidis Gavathiotis, Amit Verma, and Roman Perez‐Soler of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Health, New York andRead More

CEO Today Magazine Recently Interviewed Patrick, our CEO as Part of Their Hall of Fame Series

What recent advancements have you seen in cancer therapeutics? Although it has fast become a crowded field, areas such as Immune oncology including CAR-T, checkpoint inhibitors, oncolytic viruses and the attempt to turn cold tumors hot. Another important area is personalized oncology, the comprehensive molecular profiling of individual tumors (including liquid biopsies) and the acceptanceRead More